The MPP programme is at the forefront of NLSIU’s quest to becomea leading multi-disciplinary University in the world.  The MPP students are the lifeblood of intellectual life on campus and we look forward to you joining us !

Sudhir Krishnaswamy

What I enjoy most about the programme, besides the stellar teaching and the rigorous but incredibly rewarding academic workload, is the ability to pursue co-academic and extra-curricular endeavours with full support and encouragement from both the faculty and the administration.

Sharada S

MPP course at NLSIU has been structured to provide adequate hands-on learning so that students are encouraged to develop creative thinking. In addition, it is flexible enough to accommodate personal areas of interest of students with different backgrounds. The programme also has a strong academia-industry linkage due to its well-disposed faculty which is enthusiastic about the upcoming developments in the discipline.

Swasti Raizada

Given my passion to make a tangible contribution to societal development, I felt that it is essential for me to undertake training that would prepare me for the same. The curriculum of MPP at NLSIU covers a broad range of socio-political issues, both theoretical and practical, that are directly relevant to different levels of society (individual, community and government)

Paras Tyagi

The MPP at NLSIU offers a wide array of intellectually stimulating courses coupled with experiences that supplement and further deepen understanding. For me personally, the course has allowed space for interactions with leading intellectuals of our country that has not only given shape to my thoughts but has also challenged several long-held notions, consequently pushing my thinking

Tanya Agrawal

When compared to the numerous well-acclaimed public policy programmes abroad, the emphasis that the MPP curriculum at NLSIU lays on policy processes in India is hugely useful for my future goal to contribute to social policy designs in India. The student exchange programme in the second year would help me learn from international practices.

Amrutha Jose Pampackal

I really enjoy the inter-disciplinary approach of the curriculum in which a policy is analysed with the help of different disciplinary lens- be it politics, economics, law or sociology. I like the fact that we not only have theoretical classes, but also workshops and skill based courses where we learn policy memo writing or case preparation by actually doing it

Deepa K S

The reality is that NLSIU Bengaluru has existed for more than 25 years as the frontrunner in providing ‘intellectually stimulating, professionally competent and socially relevant legal education’. It has successfully addressed society’s need of arbiters who can arbitrate on social values such as justice. “

T S Thakur

“With hands on experience in the remotest villages of Rajasthan and the lectures that force you to immerse yourself knee deep into the contextual reality of a problem before you even begin to try and solve them, has changed my world view beyond recognition and yet for the better.”

Dunna Anna Salome