Master’s programme in Public Policy provides a thorough training in evidence-based research. The first trimester of the programme provides a course in Reading and Writing Skills. Participants learn to critically read and summarise both academic papers, popular news items as well as policy documents. They are also trained for scientific writing. In the second trimester, the course on Research Methods introduces students to both qualitative and quantitative traditions of research. The course also imparts the skills of designing research, creating data collection tools, analyzing numeric data using SPSS, analyzing qualitative data and writing reports. In the third trimester, a course on Research Proposal Writing helps students to sharpen a dissertation topic of their choice.

Through out-of-class-room learning of fieldwork and client-led projects in the first year, the participants get exposure to potential research topics relevant for human communities and policy agencies. Thus, the academic training and exposure provides sufficient ground to formulate a research problem by the end of first year.

In the beginning of second year, each participant is allocated a dissertation supervisor. Under this supervision, the participant prepares a research proposal which is examined (20% of weight of dissertation component) by two faculty members at the end of fourth trimester. In the fifth trimester, the participants are clustered into small groups for ‘dissertation seminar’. Through these seminars, participants gain interdisciplinary exposure to the research theme of their choice. Further, at the end of the fifth trimester, the participants finalise the tools of data collection and other protocols for dissertation research. These are examined by two faculty members through a progress seminar (20% of weight of dissertation component). In the final trimester, candidates complete data collection and write up their dissertation. The final dissertation is examined for the written submission as well as through oral examination. Total credits for dissertation is weighted as twelve.