India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world, continuously faced with challenges of justice, inequity, exclusion and progress. The study of Public Policy informs the state as to how it could respond to the new dynamic challenges that emerge in the society. As every legislation require clear policy formulation, there is demand for trained professionals who will be equipped to design, implement and evaluate policies and programmes. We derive inspiration from our transformative Constitution, while addressing the challenges of diverse national needs.

We train thinkers and leaders in the domain of public policy capable of critical engagement with a range of sectors. We strongly encourage inter-disciplinarity in the public policy research, and believe that path-breaking knowledge innovations are possible when reflexive engagement with complexity of wicked problems are undertaken.

National Law School of India University, Bangalore offers an integrated Ph.D. programme in Public Policy with a provision for M.Phil. as a terminal degree for those who successfully complete that programme and are either not desirous of pursuing the Ph.D. programme or who are found not suitable for the same. The integrated Ph.D. programme is envisioned as a residential programme with possibilities of financial support through teaching assistant and research assistant jobs from second year of the programme.

Scholarship support (from second year) is available for those candidates who undertake dissertation work in following areas: Urban Studies, Land Policies, Regulatory Governance, Local Self-Governance, Agrarian Transformation, Environmental Studies, Social Policy and Accountability question.