What is the difference between integrated Ph.D. programme and other Ph.D. programmes?

Integrated Ph.D. programme combines M.Phil. and Ph.D. through a continuum with exit option. Candidates admitted to the programme undergo a preliminary course work (one year duration) prior to commencing doctoral work. Once the course work is completed, the candidates have the option either to discontinue from the programme with an M.Phil. degree or to proceed to the doctoral work.
I don't have a Masters degree in Public Policy. Am I eligible to apply for the Ph.D. programme in Public Policy?

Candidates with a masters' degree in any discipline are eligible to apply for this course. Through the course work in the first year, candidates will be equipped to carry out doctoral studies in Public Policy.
Is the entrance examination same for MPP programme and Ph.D. programme?

No. There is an additional component on research aptitude in the Ph.D. entrance examination.
Can I be exempted from entrance examination?

If you have M.Phil. degree or if you have cleared NET examination conducted by UGC, you are exempted form entrance examination. Yet, you will need to undergo interview process before being admitted to the Integrated Ph.D. programme. Therefore, it is important to complete application and submit the same before the stipulated date.
Is there a course work for the Integrated Ph.D. programme?
Ans:Course work of 31 credits (for details refer to course curriculum) has to be completed along with students of Masters Programme in Public Policy in the first year. The course work will prepare the doctoral candidates to understand the theoretical aspects of public policy, which is an interdisciplinary inquiry. It is mandatory that candidate wishing to proceed to doctoral work gain 4.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) on a seven point scale. Failing to complete this requirement will lead to discontinuation from the programme.
Am I admitted to doctoral programme if I clear the entrance examination?

No. You will be admitted to the doctoral programme only after successful completion of the coursework with 4.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) on a seven point scale.
What happens if I am not admitted to doctoral programme after the first year?

If the candidate fails to get 4.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) on a seven point scale, but gained passing mark of 3.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) on a seven point scale, candidates will be awarded with M.Phil. degree and will be required to exit the programme.
How long does it take to complete this doctoral programme?

The Integrated Ph.D. programmes is planned to be completed in four years. The maximum permissible years is six years.
Are there fellowships to get financial support during the programme?

There is no financial support available in the first year. NLSIU aims to provide fellowships through teaching assistanceships and research assistanceships from second year to successfully registered candidates having gained 4.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) on a seven point scale at the end of first year.