Dr. Rinku Lamba

Associate Professor

Academic programmes
Master’s Programme in Public Policy





Key Publications

Written articles on the emancipatory and disciplinary faces of state power, and also distinguishing state power from colonial power. I have written a survey essay on nationalism for a political science book series commissioned by the Indian Council of Social Science Research. I have also co-edited a special section for the journal Studies in Religion on “Managing Religious Diversity in India, China and Canada.”

Upcoming Works

  • Forthcoming article in Modern Asian Studies which focuses on Rabindranath Tagore’s critique of nationalism
  • Forthcoming essay in an edited volume that analyses the views of the 15C poet-saint Kabir alongside those of M K Gandhi to note how the themes of persuasion and political judgment have shaped the culture of Indian democracy.
  • Ongoing work on a book manuscript on political ideas in modern India.