Urban Greening in Delhi: a policy perspective

What can be a way to tackle the ever growing pollution in Delhi, to mitigate adverse effects of climate change? In this current essay Yavish explores the answers through the idea of urban greening and tries to locate probable policy solutions for promoting and adopting urban greening as a policy solution to better the quality of life of urban residents.

Environmentally Sustainable Transport: The Problem of Congestion

It is almost a truism to state that populations living in urban area are going to increase manifold over the years. With this comes an imminent need to correspondingly develop institutions that can accommodate this populace. Ayush explores in this article one such facet of the urban landscape which requires concerted effort of policy makers and alike – sustainable urban transport.

User-Charges In Indian Cities

User charges can work as an important source of revenue for cash strapped Municipal Corporations. Akshay More analyses the economy of parking fees in Mumbai and its effect on municipal finances.

By the People, For the People

Participatory Budgeting – Local self-government’s road to autonomy The 73rd and 74th amendment act of the constitution, passed in 1993, ushered a new era of governance reforms in India. The amendments constitutionally mandated the third tier of governance in the country thereby deepening the roots of democracy and bringing people closer to decision making. The…

Transforming Cities through Social Urbanism: Medellin, Colombia’s Alejandro Echeverri speaks to Lokniti

Lokniti Editors Sanjana Patro and Srilakshmi Nambiar in conversation with Mr. Alejandro Echeverri, on Medellin Colombia’s social urbanism.  The city of Medellin in Colombia was a drug trafficking hub from the late 1960’s till the early 1990s. A contraband economy, paralysis of justice and a mismanagement of the security apparatus led to a rise in…