Sowing the Seeds of a Solar Power Revolution via Agro Photovoltaics

A unique model of collocating food and fuel is being explored at the upper echelons of India’s renewable energy sector. Agro Photovoltaics (APV) involves solar panels being installed at a certain height above existing cropland. Ankur discusses the potential of APVs and the way to move ahead with it.

Cooling Urban India

Urban space cooling consumes considerable amount of resources – resources which could be put to better use if urban planning was carried out with foresight. In this purely blog style piece, Arshiya highlights solutions and policy interventions which can be focused on by policy makers if we are progressive realise our broader goal of sustainable development.

Energy Policy Research and Advocacy in India

NANDITHA KALIDOSS   “The path to the sustainable energy sources will be long but the world cannot resist the transition”, said Barack Obama in his interview on sustainable development. The National Law University of India has had the privilege to host Prof. Ashok Sreenivas Senior Research Fellow at Prayas (Energy Group), Kothrud, Pune, to deliver…