Caste-away: Caste-based Residential Segregation and the Case of Bengaluru

BALA PANCHANATHAN Caste is an unwritten compendium of rigid social structures that includes a network of hierarchies, segmentation and segregation (Ghurye 1969 in Bharathi et al 2019). It is beyond a social evil in India— it is a state of mind and a way of life. Spatial segregation and discrimination have been basic aspects of…

Supremacy of Economic over Constitutional Mandate

Abishek Nippani To bestow ideological rights and even opportunities upon people without equipping them with the right tools to take on such opportunities is akin to “[Telling] an unprovisioned man lost in the desert that he is free to eat, drink, bathe, read…” Kesavananda Bharti v State of Kerala Amidst the turmoil created by the…

Digesting Caste: Graded Inequality in Food Habits

Caste based discrimination assumes varying forms and shapes, with discrimination embedded into food and food habits being particularly worrisome. This article explores the historical and cultural context from which this issue arises.

Domestic Violence during the Pandemic: Role of Technology

Divyanshi Shrivastava writes about the role of technology in helping victims of domestic abuse escape the frightening confines of their house and seek help. With past efforts having failed as is, and greater isolation through imposition of lockdowns, nations must situate women and girls at the centre of their COVID-19 response strategy.