Environmentally Sustainable Transport

After covering noise pollution from vehicles yesterday, today we cover the type of pollution vehicles are most infamous for – air pollution. Ravneet has critically laid out the plethora of laws and regulations in existence which have created a mire of regulatory problems. This multiplicity, Ravneet argues, requires as much, if not more attention than the push for what we drive or how we drive.

Regulation of Vehicular Noise Pollution in India

Vehicular noise is not just a nuisance but also a form of environmental pollution. Anjali looks into the regulatory mesh to control noise pollution caused by vehicular traffic and suggests creation of a more robust regulatory framework in targeting the issue.

A Recap of Regulatory Governance Workshops

MPP 2016-18 In the third trimester, MPP participants were divided into six groups, each of which explored the regulatory landscape and challenges in a particular sector. The six sectors chosen were Electricity, Water, Banking, Health, Higher Education and Media. Students analysed regulatory institutions, policy instruments and their implementation and the roles politics and business played…