Soliloquies of Collectives: Community-led mobilization in Urban Slums of Bengaluru

ANSHUL RAI SHARMA Hagiographies of local action have become commonplace in post-COVID mobilization studies (Laochankham, 2021). They focus on how the local actors can serve the needs of people, more importantly, the needs of the crisis moment in places where the welfare services of the State are ineffective or absent. These have failed in two ways: in…

Vaccine Infrastructure is as Important as the Vaccine

With the world over eagerly awaiting a breakthrough in the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, Astitav points to how the emphasis accorded to this is misplaced, especially for a country like India. Getting a vaccine is only the first step, and the steps following it require critical attention of policy makers.

Developing resilient health systems

Mr. Rajeev Sadanandan delivers the talk on “Developing resilient health systems” using the case study of Kerala. The talk focuses on developing better systems through political and social interventions.