The growing need for Earth Observation Satellites to deal with Climate Change

Abhiudaya in this article stresses on the need for developing robust Earth Observation satellites to aid existing efforts in tackling climate change. For this, collaboration at an international level is of paramount importance.

The Next round of Climate Targets will worsen the Climate Crisis

The NDC concept was developed as a long-term successor to the top-down target setting mechanism in the Kyoto Protocol. But the second round of NDCs to be updated in 2020, have proved to be less than what is required to keep the increase in world temperature below the magical 1.5 degree Celcius. In this article Charmi and Tarun discuss how countries have been abdicating their responsibility and violating the spirit of Paris Agreement thereby defeating the idea of combined responsibility of humanity towards climate change.

Ecological Services, Ecological Economics: Looking at the Sustainable Development Agenda

DEVIKA SINGH All of the seventeen SDGs have a common underlying factor – they are all dependent on natural resources. This importance finally given to the environment and natural resources comes a little late. The complete dependence of human existence on the environment and natural resources is reflected in the SDG Agenda, which places natural…

A peek into the mise en scène of climate diplomacy

APOORVA S “Paris Agreement is not ambitious enough since it has only given effect to soft obligations,” says Mr. Raman Mehta, an expert on climate change.  In his special lecture with Public Policy students of the batch 2016-18, Mr. Mehta spoke on “The Science of Climate Change: Feeding into the politics of Climate Change and…

Climate Change in India: Challenges and Solutions

Sai Charan Bandaru To begin with, India is the fourth largest emitter of Green House Gases (GHG) and has the obligation to take a proactive stance since it is going to be one of the worst victims of climate change as mentioned in the IPCC 5th Assessment Report (AR5). The estimated countrywide agricultural loss in…