Interview | Prof Harvey Jacobs

Have you always been mesmerised by how central the conception of ‘property rights’ is to the understanding public policies in the global north and south? Have you wondered about the future of property rights and whether that shall evolve further? Did you always wonder if human development and a reliable ‘property rights regime’ are interconnected? And finally, are you concerned about how the rights to land for indigenous people conflicts theoretically and practically with the colonial and postcolonial conception of property rights? Look no further, and listen to this insightful interview with Prof Harvey Jacobs, during his interactions with ‘Lokniti’ where he provides an insightful commentary on land issues from decades of experience and expertise in the United States and globally, more fundamentally providing perspectives on how significant land policies are to the overall policy space for governments and institutions.

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  1. Quite a good stuff! Kudos!
    Something that should have been mentioned here:
    Prof Harvey Jacobs taught the course on Land Policies for the MPP programme at NLS! B-) 🙂

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