Interactive Session with Ms. Amrutha Jose Pampackal


Ms. Amrutha Jose Pampackal from the first batch of Master’s Programme in Public Policy (MPP) had an interactive session with the participants of MPP on July 12th, 2017. Amrutha (in the centre of the group photo) is currently working with IFPRI based in Delhi and she can be reached at

Ms. Pampackal graduated in B.A. (Honours) English from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi before joining the MPP course at National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bengaluru. Being part of the first batch of MPP, she had a very unique perspective to share. She is currently working in the capacity of Research Assistant in Poverty Health Division at International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). Her current research work involves studying the trends of stunting, malnutrition, over-nutrition among children in Karnataka in comparison with national-level statistics. This involves research that collects quantitative information from governmental and non-governmental sources, analyzes and simplifies these numbers for a wider audience including politicians and bureaucrats.

She also discussed about her Master’s dissertation work on ‘Role of bureaucratic behavior in determining policy outcomes – A study of tribal resettlement and development mission (TRDM), Kerala’. As part of her dissertation study, she did extensive field work in the tribal region of Wayanad of Kerala. She recalled the difficulties she had in getting access to basic information on local schemes and welfare data from bureaucrats, and how only she could get the necessary data for her research only after following endless procedures for days at length. She adds that it was this experience in Kerala that influenced her decision to take up social sciences research.

She plans to do her PhD in Social Policy from the United States in near future, and briefed us about the process involved in finding the suitable university for research domains one wants to research in. She also cautioned against doing PhD without giving a proper thought on whether one is deeply and truly interested in research. Lastly, she mentioned about some important peer-reviewed journals like Economic and Political Weekly which one should continuously follow for recent developments. In addition to that, she also highlighted the importance of reading a newspaper every day to stay up-to-date. The session ended on a lighter note and a group photograph.

The students of MPP at National Law School of India University wish her good luck for her future endeavours, and look forward to many more opportunities of interaction with her.

(Nakul Sharma is pursuing the Master’s Programme in Public Policy at National Law School of India University and is in the 2017-2019 batch. He can be reached at

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