The current editorial team of Lokniti consists of an eclectic mix of students coming from both the senior and junior batches, and from backgrounds as diverse as sociology, philosophy, hospitality, law, and engineering. It is this diversity of opinions that make the editors of the academic year 2020-21 not only pursue different themes and types of articles, but also create a blog that is vibrant and yet rooted in the contemporary policy discourse.

Batch of 2020 – 2022

From L to R: Chaitanya, Ramish, Shubhama, Srinidhi

Chaitanya is a hospitality graduate, who discovered his passion for the social sciences and policy-making while preparing for the civil services examination. When not engaged in the coursework for the Master’s Programme in Public Policy at the National Law School of India University, he loves to cook, and to read almost anything he can get his hands on, with a soft spot for historical and science fiction. He has been trying to make a shift to a zero-waste lifestyle and is actively involved in lowering his carbon footprint. He firmly believes that every little step, if taken mindfully, will help the cause of equitable and sustainable development.
Chaitanya is interested in sustainability, urban design, and linguistics. He can be reached at bhatchaitanya@nls.ac.in.

Growing up in an argumentative interfaith family that took regular road trips off the beaten track and had intense dinner table discussions on the state of the world, Ramish cut his teeth trying to understand difference and inequality early in life. Attending college in the melting pot that is Delhi, he became even more aware of just how multidimensional and interlinked identities and privileges can be. A robust social sciences education at Ambedkar University Delhi led him to develop an interest in policy-making, and he is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. When not found quizzing or haunting obscure internet forums about 50s and 60s music, Ramish can be reached at mushkohramish@nls.ac.in.

Shubhama is currently pursuing Master’s in Public Policy from National Law University of India, Bengaluru and believes in un/learning every day. He holds an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering.
In the recent past, he has been involved in holding workshops and sessions in rural schools and communities of Western Uttar Pradesh on the ethos of the caste system and about other forms of social discrimination that exist in our system and others. He has a keen interest in postmodern literature and redefining parochial caste perspectives. When he is not overthinking, he loves to read and also considers himself an amateur photographer. He is a collection of vintage stories with a twist of cringe anthologies. He is constantly and paradoxically juggling between and striving to reconcile old and the new notions in theory.
Shubhama would love to perform comparative research on the paradigm of the Indian social and institutional structure and the changes brought in by the subaltern perspective. He can be reached at shubhama@nls.ac.in for collaborations.

Srinidhi graduated in 2019 with a BA (Hons) in Philosophy with concentrations in Economics and International Relations. Following this, she did a post-graduate diploma in Advanced Studies and Research, where she got the opportunity to work on a yearlong capstone thesis. Frustrated with the fact that her background restricted her knowledge and understanding to the realm of theory, she wanted to acquire some skills that allowed her to translate theory into practical tools. Having interned at some NGOs and the Government of Maharashtra during the course of her under-graduation, she decided that she wished to build a career in the public sector. As a result, she ended up in the MPP program at NLSIU. Her area of interest, as of now, is gender. When she is not drowning in coursework, she likes to paint and read. You can reach her at srinidhi@nls.ac.in.

Batch of 2019 – 2021

From L to R: Abishek and Prince

Abishek is a lawyer currently enrolled as a candidate in Master’s Programme in Public Policy course at the Institute of Public Policy, National Law School of India University, Bengaluru. After having had a crack at avenues of pure law through internships at various law firms and with litigants, he realized the gulf of disconnect that existed between his motivation to pursue law and the practice of it in real life. Thereafter, he utilized his remaining internship space working at Human Rights Commissions, the Reserve Bank of India, and Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy. Abishek has now developed a nascent yet keen interest in the area of public policy, with a focus on primary education. Abhishek can be reached at abisheknippani@nls.ac.in

Prince is currently pursuing the Master’s Programme in Public Policy at the Institute of Public Policy, National Law School of India University, Bengaluru. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication. He was extensively involved with several entrepreneurial projects during his undergraduate studies before he decided to switch his path to pursue his passion for working in the public policy sector.
He is passionate about Economic Policy, Development Policy, Politics, and International Relations. He loves discussing almost everything. You can reach out to him at princegupta@nls.ac.in. Alternatively, you can visit his website at www.princegupta.xyz

Past Editors

Batch of 2019-21
  • Anirban Paul
  • Anubhuti Hiwase
  • Harish Nalawade
  • Rohit Ranjan Rai
Batch of 2018-20
  • Harikrishnan R Varma
  • Lakshay Narang
  • Mugdha Kinjawadekar
  • Sandip Sahoo
Batch of 2017-19
  • Sowmini G Prasad
  • Shreeja Sen
  • Srilakshmi Nambiar
  • Sanjana Patro