Regulatory Coordination for Strengthening Audit of Indian Banks

Recent bank scams can be directly attributed to the failure on part of auditors in bringing to light the fraudulent processes taking place in these banks. However, creating a robust audit institution is not as easy as it seems, as there are perverse incentives on part of auditors and lack of power with regulators to enforce mandate. In this article Vishal runs through the essence of bank audits and why they’re extremely important, and culls out a solution for making them follow a desirable trajectory.

Telecom in Atma Nirbhar Bharat – Fast Forwarding Fibre

Optical fibre is not just the bedrock of telecommunication networks but in India’s case it is the foundation on which a truly ‘Atmanirbhar’ digital infrastructure can be built in the country. In this data driven article Rajat argues that for the country to bridge the digital divide and create a digital India there needs to be a strong optical fibre network. He also illustrates the effect of recent AGR Judgement by the Supreme Court in the development of optical fibre infrastructure for the telecom companies.

Critical Considerations amidst India’s transition to Clean Energy

While everyone knows we must make a shift to cleaner, renewable sources of energy, the considerations therein are not prodded enough. Varun in this article details how deliberative this transition must be, as there are numerous concerns underlying this process of transition.