Data Protection in the Healthcare Sector

The debate on data protection in the healthcare sector escalated when the Government of India launched the Aarogya Setu app. In this article, Prince looks at the regulatory requirements, the proposed legislation and the corresponding issues with respect to data protection in the healthcare sector. He takes a look at the erstwhile draft DISHA bill and takes a comparative study against the backdrop of the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019.

Data localisation and its effects on Fintech industry

Financial technology or fintech is a burgeoning field of business relying exclusively on information technology to provide financial services. This op-ed piece by Dhirendra looks into the effects of data localisation norms on the nascent fintech industry in India and its way forward in wake of the new data bill.

Personal Data held by the State: Critical Considerations in the Breach Notification Process

In this article Abishek looks at the lackadaisical manner in which the State handles personal data. Considering the nature of personal data that is held with the State, breach of such data gives rise to immense scope for fraud. However, the onus to rectify such incidents is almost always shifted onto the individual – whether it’s something relatively easy such as changing passwords, to crippling burdens such as changing bank accounts.

Non-Personal Data Governance: PDPB and Beyond

Most of the debate on data protection revolves around personal data. In this article Vignesh looks in policy lacunae in the area of non-personal data governance and what can be done to fill the gap.

The muddled economics of Data Localisation in India

Through this article Nilay aims to explore the economic consequences of data localisation and what must the Indian policymakers be proactive rather than reactive towards for designing an efficient and holistic data protection regime.