Neglecting Van-Gujjars in the name of Tiger Reserve

SHUBHAMA SINGH In June 2020, a proposal was forwarded by District Magistrate to Government of Uttar Pradesh to declare the Tiger Reserve in the Shivalik forest range in Western Uttar Pradesh. If approved, this would be the fourth Tiger Reserve in the state. The proposed Tiger Reserve would be located in the foothills of the…

Tariff Rationalisation: The Way Forward

“Far from being demeaning to human spiritual values, scientific rationalism is the crowning glory of the human spirit.” – Richard Dawkins Iman Kalyan Baksi Dawkins here dawns upon a philosophical question, asking whether rationality and the human spirit are condescending to each other. On the other hand, the electricity sector at this stage asks a…

Belling the ‘Hate Speech’ Cat

In light of the recent controversy at Facebook India, Neel attempts to understand the multi-faceted problem of hate speech that plagues the new millennium, and the far-reaching ramifications that it has on the social fabric of today.

Private Governance and the Politics of Hate Speech

Given the widespread use of hate speech by politicians as a polarizing instrument, private governance becomes an increasingly important factor to consider in the discipline of public policy. Here, Srinidhi highlights the importance ‘private governance’ in light of the making and implementation hate speech policies by Facebook.

The Conundrum of Urban Cooperative Banks

The cooperative sector in financial services is seen as an important medium of financial inclusion. However, repeated frauds in this sector have made it necessary to effect changes in how they function.