Politicisation of Education in India

Kanhaiya As Marx had argued, the base and superstructure are two interlinked concepts, with the superstructure growing out of the base. Base, here refers to the productive forces, or the materials and resources, that generate the goods society needs. French theorist Louis Althusser in Ideology and the State (1970), expands this idea and explores the…

Digesting Caste: Graded Inequality in Food Habits

Caste based discrimination assumes varying forms and shapes, with discrimination embedded into food and food habits being particularly worrisome. This article explores the historical and cultural context from which this issue arises.

Fiscal Federalism in India – The Changing Landscape

The Indian fiscal finance landscape has become more unitary than it did before, with the revenue dependency of states on the Centre now increasing. In this authoritative piece Rajat analyses how India’s political leadership manages the changing realities of fiscal federalism while fulfilling the aspirational demands of the electorate.

Personal Data held by the State: Critical Considerations in the Breach Notification Process

In this article Abishek looks at the lackadaisical manner in which the State handles personal data. Considering the nature of personal data that is held with the State, breach of such data gives rise to immense scope for fraud. However, the onus to rectify such incidents is almost always shifted onto the individual – whether it’s something relatively easy such as changing passwords, to crippling burdens such as changing bank accounts.

Data Protection and Surveillance

In this article, Neel charts out the evolution of the Indian State’s equation with people’s private communication. He examines historical, current and proposed legislations, judgments and expert opinions, to analyse whether this increasingly intimate equation is a cause for people in India to worry about violation of their right to privacy, and what can be done to rectify the situation.