Nuclear Energy: An Unsubstantiated Victim of Popular Misunderstanding

In this article, Astitav dissects how our aversion towards nuclear energy is misguided. Hurling facts at the reader, he succinctly argues that nuclear energy, is in fact, safer, more efficient, and cleaner than other sources of energy.

Rebooting India’s Nuclear Doctrine

In this article, Nikhil Gowda critiques the No First Use Policy in the Nuclear Doctrine of India. Even though, the nuclear doctrine was endeavoured to help India gain legitimacy, the No First Use Policy is far away from realism today. The article explores the limitations, counters the status-quo and advocates for revoking of the present No-First Use Policy by the country.

4G Ban in Jammu and Kashmir: Revival of Culture of Authority?

With over a year since the imposition of restrictions on internet in Jammu and Kashmir, Utkarsh and Shivang run through opine how this complacency on part of the Supreme Court has bolstered a culture of authority.

Deep Decarbonising with Distributed RE Systems

By now, we are aware of the various problems associated with distribution and transmission of energy — AT&C losses, uncalibrated energy production, problems over forecasting peak demand and so on. In this opinion piece Abishek Nippani discusses the role of ‘distributed renewable energy systems’ by localising energy generation at or near points of consumption.

By the People, For the People

Participatory Budgeting – Local self-government’s road to autonomy The 73rd and 74th amendment act of the constitution, passed in 1993, ushered a new era of governance reforms in India. The amendments constitutionally mandated the third tier of governance in the country thereby deepening the roots of democracy and bringing people closer to decision making. The…