Telecom in Atma Nirbhar Bharat – Fast Forwarding Fibre

Optical fibre is not just the bedrock of telecommunication networks but in India’s case it is the foundation on which a truly ‘Atmanirbhar’ digital infrastructure can be built in the country. In this data driven article Rajat argues that for the country to bridge the digital divide and create a digital India there needs to be a strong optical fibre network. He also illustrates the effect of recent AGR Judgement by the Supreme Court in the development of optical fibre infrastructure for the telecom companies.

Challenges in Electrification of Rural India

One does not need to possess much prior knowledge to spot the patent falsity in government statements that proclaim complete rural electrification. However, it does take effort and considerable research to understand why in the 21st century much of rural India still lives in darkness. Beth highlights in this article few critical problems which stand in the way of transforming ‘complete rural electrification’ from fiction to fact.

Financial Viability of ‘Green’ Electricity in India

Ending environment last week and starting with the electricity sector this week, we present Anirban’s piece that is a hybrid of these two sectors. Anirban delves into credit and finance problems that pose a big hurdle to realise India’s renewable energy goals.

Fiscal Federalism in India – The Changing Landscape

The Indian fiscal finance landscape has become more unitary than it did before, with the revenue dependency of states on the Centre now increasing. In this authoritative piece Rajat analyses how India’s political leadership manages the changing realities of fiscal federalism while fulfilling the aspirational demands of the electorate.

The muddled economics of Data Localisation in India

Through this article Nilay aims to explore the economic consequences of data localisation and what must the Indian policymakers be proactive rather than reactive towards for designing an efficient and holistic data protection regime.