About the blog

‘Public Policy’ as an academic discipline emerged to promise to the world a multidisciplinary approach to conceptualizing some of the world’s most pressing problems and to understand the ramifications of government action and inactions, which colors and affects the lives and experiences of people and communities the world over.  The discipline of ‘public policy’ however is at a nascent stage in its developmental trajectory in India. To further the cause of adding to the academic discourse on ‘public policy’ in the country, this blog aims to provide a platform where public policy concerns can be discussed and deliberated by participants of the public policy programme at the National Law School of India University, for the benefit of readers across the world, who can access the most pertinent policy issues facing policy makers in India.

The blog aims at encouraging discussions pertinent to policymaking and this include five broad themes – ‘Education and Employment’, ‘Environment and Energy’, ‘Food Security and Poverty’, Governance and Development, and International trade and Affairs. While this blog would primarily deal with ‘public policy’ at a theoretical and conceptual level, which has a universal appeal, this blog will overwhelmingly explore public policy issues pertinent to policy discourses in India and from an Indian perspective.

Present Editors:

From Batch of 2022-24

Biprajit Roy Choudhury, Hannah Sarasu John, Omkar Arun Wakchaure

From Batch of 2021-23

Anshul Sharma, Aravind J Nampoothiry, Deborah Suares, Doyita Basu, Kanhaiya

Past & Founding Editors:

Bhat Chaitanya Uday
Mohammed Mushkoh Ramish
Shubhama Singh
Srinidhi Balaji

Abishek Nippani
Prince Gupta

Anubhuti Hiwase
Anirban Paul
Harish Nalawade
Rohit Ranjan Rai

Harikrishnan Verma
Lakshay Narang
Mugdha Kinjawadekar
Sandip Sahoo

Sanjana Patro
Shreeja Sen
Sowmini G Prasad
Srilakshmi Nambiar

Apoorva S.
Devika Singh
Dwijaraj Bhattacharya
Smita Mutt
Trisrota Dutta

Ishaa Srivastava
Neeraj Panicker
Sakshi Mehra
Siddharth Sekhar Barpanda

Shrikant Wad
Rashmi Nayar
Deepa K S
Mounik Lahiri
Jyotsna Sripada
Anna Salome Dunna