Faculty members and researchers associated with the Institute pre-publish their works for consultations and feedback in the form of Occasional Paper Series. These papers are primarily emanating from the research projects they undertake.

Occasional Papers


Critiquing the Statutory Minimum Wage: A case of the export garment sector in India
Authors : Mohan Mani, Babu Mathew and Dithhi Bhattacharya

 PDF – Link


From millions to fractions’: Re-examining Pragmatism in the Context of Internal Reservation
Authors : Pradeep Ramavath J

 PDF – Link


Guns versus butter – A Commentary on Defence and Social Sector Spending in South Asia
Authors : Mohan Mani  and Dwijaraj Bhattacharya

 PDF – Link


Analysis of Government of Karnataka Budgets for Minorities 
Authors:  Abdul Aziz  and Niraj Kumar

 PDF – Link


Relevance of Constitutional Economics in India’s Post-Neoliberal Era
Authors : Sony Pellissery and Babu Mathew

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